Other Horses

A good horse is never a bad color.

Scenes from various years at BreyerFest

A member of the Priefert Percheron 6-horse hitch gets a cooling bath on a hot July Kentucky day.
The Young Guns 4-H drill team.
BreyerFest horse owners invite the public to visit the barns.
Miniature horse visiting with fans.
Skillful preparation.
Wismer Clydesdales prepare for their performance.
The Kentucky Horse Park provides carriage tours of the grounds. These two are preparing for their turn.
Friesian ready to enter the arena.
The BreyerFest 2019 theme was horse heroes. This Civil War reenactor represented the riderless black horse used in the funeral of a fallen military person. Note the black boot mounted backwards in the stirrup to represent the fallen soldier looking back on their comrades one last time.
Andalusian stallion Alborozo and trainer Avi Cohen prepare to enter the arena at BreyerFest 2008. Alborozo was the celebration horse that year.
Handsome Clydesdale.


Scenes from local horse auction

Before the auction begins, the Standardbred horses are harnessed and taken around the outside track for the bidders to observe.
Bidders make notes in their auction catalogs while the horses go through their paces.
This horse and driver both appear to be smiling for the camera.
Sweet little pony would make a new owner very happy.
The auction was conducted by an Amish company, but the public was also welcome to buy and sell here.
Located at the entrance to the barn, this fellow greeted everyone who entered.
The bids on this tall saddle horse soared once the owner demonstrated that the horse was willing to lay down in order for the rider to climb on.
Several powerful draft horses crossed the auction block, including this handsome matched team.
Powerful and impressive.
Another beautifully matched team, this one dapple gray, was walking around outside before entering the auction ring.
Mother and son spend a quiet moment together at the end of the auction. It is unknown if they were headed to the same home.
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