Various Model Horses

Stormwatch ressin was sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig.
Andre traditional draft horse stallion sculpted by Sarah Rose.
Border Fine Arts Scotland draft horse.
Excelsior resin sculpted by Rayvin Brewer.
Rana on Breyer Desatado model. Bay semi-leopard was one of 26 raffle models at BreyerFest 2017.
Resin 11″ tall Thoroughbred Infinity sculpted by Kathleen Moody and finished by Kim Bleeker.
*Bask Arabian stallion sculpted by Edwin Bogucki.
Maximus sculpted by Kathi Bogucki.

Mexican style sugar skull, day of the dead design.
In 1983 Marshall Creations offered this ceramic horse in bay or white with various manes and tails. He is the same size and position of the plastic Hartland 10″ Quarter Horse stallion.
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