BreyerFest 2002 Photos

In 2002 Elizabeth Bouras was the official photographer for the first Breakables Live model horse show, hosted by Karen Gerhardt at BreyerFest in Lexington, Kentucky. Liz was also the solo judge for the huge Americanware division (breed and color, but no collectibility at this show). After taking photos at the show Liz traveled around during the weekend to take photos at the Kentucky Horse Park, the Artisans Gallery, and room sales at the Clarion. I have posted a sample of the photos from the DVD below.

Here is a link to download the entire DVD (387 MB).

Photo of Edwin Bogucki’s Bask++ at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Grand Champion Factory Resin BFA Percheron

Tent used for first Breakables Live model horse show at BreyerFest

London Fog by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig during room sales.

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