Maureen Love Doodles

Much has been written about this incredible artist and human being, in books, magazine articles, and on-line features. Maureen’s horses and other animals are more than just accurate sculptures…they capture the spirit of the subject and look like they could move and breathe.

Maureen was a very quiet, shy person who created much of her art for her own enjoyment. She was always working on some project or experiment. While collaborating with her for the Hagen-Renaker and Maureen Love books, we corresponded by US mail, as she did not use email. Thank goodness we did, because each letter included a little doodle. These are so precious that I wanted to preserve them here for others to also enjoy. Some were previews of upcoming models, so I have shown the resulting horse as well.

Maureen married later in life to P.G. Calvert. She met him at a race track while she was sketching and he was generating “tip” sheets. Unfortunately, he passed away after they were together for just a few years. Maureen used the last name Calvert on official documents, but when it came to her artwork she preferred to be known as “Maureen Love”. That is why the book about her artwork bears that title.
Letter dated October 18, 1995.
Letter dated May 14, 1996
Letter dated July 11, 1997
Clydesdale stallion was produced by “Made With Love”, a partnership between Maureen Love and her friend Laurilyn Burson. It was produced using this stoneware finish, and also in several glossy custom colors. The regular run color was bay.
Letter dated August 28,1998
This draft horse was offered to Hagen-Renaker with the loose mane and tail. It was modified to have mane bobs and a docked tail, and then sold as the fifth in the collector’s series, with the name Cinco. This particular horse is a test and very few were produced like this.
Letter dated June 23, 1998
For her 80th birthday, many people sent Maureen birthday cards and gifts. It took her a few days to open them all!
Letter dated October 24, 2001. My book Horse, Bird, and Wildlife Figures of Maureen Love–Hagen-Renaker and Beyond was completed in 2002 and published by Schiffer Publishing in 2003.
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