China Model Horses

Ceramic horses that brave owners brought out to show.

Horse with the antiqued-looking Silver Saddle. Donna stopped by the show and explained that the reason it looks this way is because it was first given a golden saddle in error, so they had to cover the gold with silver, resulting in this beautiful antiqued look.
Hagen-Renaker test color “Zara” Arabian mare.
Albany Desert Orchid
Hagen-Renaker test color “Abdullah” Arabian stallion.

Rosenthal “High Spirits.”
Nymphenburg Horse by Karner
Royal Worcester Circus Ponies
Note size of Beswick Fjords in background to give an idea of how large this Rosenthal Gaucho and Horse is!
Notes from Sue’s documentation: “Araber zu Pferd” by Scheibe-Alsbach. Arab on horseback designed by Prof. Reinhard Moeller.
Albany custom-glazed racehorse and jockey
Mystery ceramic draft horse
Donna Chaney/Animal Artistry draft horse
Hagen-Renaker Palomino Thunder Morgan stallion (6″ tall) next to original sculpture by Maureen Love.
Beswick Knight in Armor, The Earl of Warwick.
The polo match. Left to right: Boehm polo team, Boehm HRH Prince Philip, Royal Worcester Duke of Edinburgh, and Boehm Polo Team Commemorative Model .
Maureen Love Original “Exercise Rider”. Maureen Love sculpted for the Hagen-Renaker Pottery Company of California, and also created original art.

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